My Top 5 Edge Tamers

Hey guys! It has been forever since my last post and so much has happened. I have recently started writing for an online Caribbean magazine that focuses on health, fashion, music, beauty and culture on a whole. You can check the magazine out here (The Coco Magazine) and share some love by subscribing. My academic life has also proven to be more demanding of recent, which leaves me limited time to pursue other interests. I do apologise for being MIA for so long. Today I have decided to share with you my top five edge tamers. Feel free to share some of your favourites by leaving a comment below and until next time stay blessed!

  1. Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut and Cupuacu Butter: This is a natural hair pomade with a very thick, buttery consistency. I recently reviewed this product for  The Coco Magazine and will be purchasing and adding it to my list of favourite hair products. The shine and scent is amazing and a little goes a long way. You can read my review here:
  2. ImageDonna Marie Hair Glaze Pomade: I am a sucker for great scents and this hair glaze is a close second to the Darcy’s Botanicals Hair Butter in terms of its delicious smell. I don’t get as much shine from this product but it does a great job of keeping my edges slicked back.
  3. ImageI once bought this Soft n’free n’pretty hair product by accident but never regretted the purchase. This olive and sunflower oil edge tamer is very light, adds shine to my hair and works well on my edges. I particularly like using it when I want my hair pulled back in a ponytail without having to use gel. The smell isn’t great but it gets an A for doing what it says it would do. It is also very moisturising and leaves my hair feeling soft.Image
  4. Castor oil has many health benefits such as for the skin and hair. I use it on my edges to help thicken and minimize the chances of traction alopecia. One of the properties I like about castor oil is its high viscosity, which is basically its “thick texture” or resistance to flow when compared with water. Because of this, I am able to use castor oil on my edges as a way of slicking down fly-away strands while keeping my hairline healthy. Its also very affordable and easily sourced at most beauty shops and pharmacies.Image
  5. Beside Eco styler gel, I rarely use other gels on my hair. However, last summer my mother started using some of the products from the Mizani hair line and convinced me to try their edge taming gel. Although I wasn’t a huge fan, my mother swears by this. If I have none of the above listed products, I would definitely use this gel on my edges. It gives great shine but has a tendency to leave my hair feeling very stiff and crunchy. I usually have to spritz my hair with some water to soften it up a bit. Not a holy grail product but none the less works to slick back and smooth my edges.










Just Bee You Product Review (3 of 3)

Just Bee You ‘Oils and Herbs’ is a very rich mix of oils that I have grown to love. I tend to be very skeptical when it comes to purchasing oil mixtures as I believe I can mix a batch on my own. I do however appreciate this mix as it does more than just seal in the moisture of my hair. It has an almost viscous texture and in addition to being a good sealant, gives my hair great shine on any day I decide to use it. Let me be honest and let you in on a secret of mine: this product has also been used as a massage oil on a few occasions 😄.


Ingredients: herbal infused extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, essential oil blend.

Price: $7 for 6oz.

I would definitely purchase this product, not as an everyday oil but to use whenever I’m craving something different and luxurious for a good price.


Just Bee You Product Review (Part 2 of 3)

Just Bee You Herbal Hair Spritz is a water based, light moisturising hair spritz. Product description also includes detangling abilities.

Ingredients: Herbal infusion base of purified water, Aloe Vera gel, glycerine, extra virgin olive oil, ploys ornate 20, vitamin E oil, optiphen, peppermint oil and essential oil blend.

Scent: Peppermint

This product does not work as a detangler for me nor does it keep my hair moisturised as long as I would like. Instead of using it alone and in the way intended, I’ve found two ways that suit my liking:

1. With my EVOO and honey mix when I deep condition.

2. As a scalp massage: I like to spritz my scalp with this product as it contains peppermint and does a good job at stimulating and encouraging blood flow.

Price: $8.00 (US)



Just Bee You Product Review (Part 1 of 3)

Before I begin this review, I would  like to say a special hello to all my followers, new and old, and wish you all the best for the season. *waves hello*

Today I would be reviewing one of the Just Bee You hair products that was sent to me free of charge. I was not paid to do this review and the review is based on MY thoughts and opinions about the product. I will be discussing how it reacted with MY HAIR and I’m in no way affiliated with the company.


Just Bee You Beauty Products claims “Quality cosmetics made with natural and safe ingredients…hand-blended in Tobago”.  I received three of the products to review and will be starting out with my favorite of the lot, the Shea and Aloe Hair Souffle.


The Shea and Aloe Hair Souffle moisturizing Hair and scalp cream contains the following ingredients:

Unrefined shea butter, aloe vera gel, vegetable emulsifying wax, herbal infused olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, glyceryl stearate(gentle emulsifier), honey, organic carnauba wax, vitamin E oil, optiphen(paraben free preservative), essential oil blend.


This product claims to:

“provide long-lasting moisture and nourishment for healthy hair and scalp”.


Apply to hair daily before styling(especially to ends). May be used on dry or damp hair. For a healthy scalp, apply throughout entire scalp and gently massage.



$60/$65( Prices are in TT dollars so in US that would be $10.00)


8 oz


  • Keeps hair moisturized for at least 2 days ( I can get 3 days but i would still need to spritz with some water)
  • Has natural ingredients (which my hair likes)
  • Plays well under most of my stylers
  • No white residue (absorbs into my hair clear)
  • Heavy enough for humid, tropical climates
  • $10 for 8 oz is quite affordable



  • Smell (although the product mentions and describes the scent as “yummy”, I do not quite like it. It is somewhere between peppermint and herbs. So if you like the smell of peppermint, you will like this. The smell lingers until hair is dry if applied to wet/damp hair)
  • I don’t usually apply products to my hair but since the product mentioned application to scalp, I decided to give it a go. Epic fail! I got way too much build up for my liking.

In My Opinion:

I  really enjoyed/am enjoying  this product. I love the feel of it (souffle!) and how moisturized it leaves my hair. However, I probably won’t purchase with my own money unless there is a sale. If you are willing to pay the money however, I would suggest you go ahead and get it. It does wonders for moisture. The ingredients are also stellar!


I usually don’t use products with glycerin but I have used and re-used this product and have not noticed any dryness whatsoever.

IMG-20121215-12615 - Copy

I used under my styler and sealed with a light oil.


If you are interested in this product or the company as a whole, you can use the following contact information:

Laci Joseph (founder and head mixtress)


28 beacon avenue, tranquility heights, signal hill, Tobago.


BaByliss Pro Argan Oil Curl Creme Review

I’ve seen the BaByliss Pro Argan Oil line being sold for some time  but because of the ingredients I was never really excited to try any of the products. I don’t think the price is worth the quality of the product. However, I was given a sample of the Curl Creme today and decided to give it a go. Hey it was free! I must say though I will not be purchasing this product or trying any of the other products from the line. You will see why from my review below.


The ingredients are not too stellar and argan oil is listed as the 6th ingredient (Argan oil curl creme? hmm). It does have mineral oil and dimethicone, so if you are not one to properly cleanse your hair, this product is not for you.

Whenever I use a product for the first time, the one thing that  can make or break my opinion about that product is the scent. Although the smell of this curl creme does not linger, it has a very high, “perfumy” smell that I didn’t like.

The consistency is that of a light lotion, not too heavy nor light.



It did define my curls but left my hair white and dull looking. So did it do what it said it was suppose to do? No, not in my opinion. My hair had no crunch however, and that was a plus.





Notice how it left a white residue on my hair, which took a while to disappear, even after I tried raking and smoothing more than usual.

The sample bottle was cute though, it came with a pump, and I absolutely love pumps. The larger bottle also has a pump which makes for easier application.


The ten ounce bottle is priced around $14

I didn’t like this product and won’t use it again. My hair had a very soft hold and coated feel to it. It basically looked like I did a conditioner only wash and go.

Well that’s about it. Have you ever tried anything from this line? What are your thoughts?

Until next time have a great weekend  😀

A brief look into my Natural Hair Journey

When I decided to stop getting a relaxer ( and I say that because at that time I had no idea what “going natural” meant) it was because my hair was breaking something terrible. My hair was double processed, I had a relaxer and my hair was bleached, crazy I know. The ends were stringy and horrible to look at. I was miserable and came to the conclusion that I was just cursed with bad hair.
I decided to braid my hair for a while, which ended up being 6 months of transitioning. Finally, I got up one sepetember morning, showered, washed my hair and cut all my straight ends off. I had about 1 – 2 inches of hair and to be honest, I felt great.
Now for the part where I mustered up enough courage to face my family and attempt to leave the house wearing my hair the shortest it has ever been. I had a tub of gel which I decided to run through my hair and was amazed at how easily I was able to style my hair.
To say the least, wearing my TWA and learning to understand my hair was a trying experience. I am still learning about my hair everyday but can proudly say that I have learnt a lot. I never had healthy hair before and now, my hair is healthy and retaining length.
I did ignorantly do some things to my hair that caused me to do a semi-BC about 1 year into my journey but definietly learnt from my mistake. I bleached my hair and went to a salon to get my hair blown out and flat ironed. Don’t ask about the heat damage. Simply put the hair stylist had no idea what she was doing and literally fried my hair . I still didn’t know about you tube videos, blogs, twitter etc. So I just cut off the ends that wouldn’t curl.
Then while on FB one day, a friend of mine “liked” Natural chica and the angels smiled on me.
I started reading blogs and keeping up with vlogs until I fully understood that I was wearing my hair natural and could take care of it quite easily. Since then, I have learnt a lot and am happy I decided to cut off all my unhealthy ends and start fresh. I am now 2 years natural and in love with my hair.
Below are pictures of my hair relaxed, breaking, my BC and my hair now.

My interview with Owner of Kinky-Curly, Shelley Davis.

Hey guys! Did you know that owner of Kinky-Curly products, Shelley Davis is of Caribbean Heritage? Well, she is 🙂 and below is an e-interview we did  where she talks a little about her products, regimen and gives a few tips. Enjoy and have a great week.
What island are you from ?
St Vincent & the Grenadines
How long have you been natural?
Since 1998

How has your product line impacted how you take care of your hair?

I have always been very particular when it comes to taking care of my hair. Having my own product line gives me the peace of mind that comes from knowing that my favorite product will not get discontinued or suddenly reformulated. 

Do you have other staples you enjoy from other companies?

Did Steve Jobs ever use an Android phone? LOL , No I use all Kinky-Curly products on myself and my daughter.

How would you describe your hair regimen?

Cleanse, Condition & Detangle then Style.
Come Clean, Knot Today then Curling Custard. 
Sometimes in the cooler months I roller set or do twist outs.

Many naturalistas from the Caribbean prefer a DIY approach when it comes to their natural hair because of the unavailability of products. What is your take on this?

It depends on the level of DIY and the knowledge of the mixer. Mixing oils or Shea Butter is not bad and won’t hurt your hair but once you start mixing chemicals and adjusting pH levels you should really be careful since you can damage skin, hair and eyes.

Are your products readily available around the Caribbean?

Kinky-Curly Products are available at Body Beautiful in Trinidad and Nettle & Moss in Jamaica. New Retail Locations are added regularly so please check our website for new store locations.

Any encouraging words
Love your hair! Be proud of it. Nourish it and treat it gently and then it will grow strong & healthy.
– Shelley Davis

Healthy hair in the sun