Welcome Curlies!

Hey guys! I would like to welcome everyone reading this post and hope that we can have some fun while helping each other in some way or the other. I decided to start this blog based on the fact that when I first started my natural hair journey, I did so by reading a lot of foreign blogs. Most of the bloggers who have helped me along my journey live in countries where they are blessed with different seasons and a wide array of natural hair product retailers. Now considering this, it was extremely hard for me to keep up but I learnt to substitute and educate myself along the way while making their information applicable to me. I am however thankful for every blogger/vlogger who has and is still making my natural hair journey easier.

With this said, it is my pleasure to offer my knowledge to all my natural hair pals who are either living in the Caribbean, South America, Africa or other countries that have a tropical climate. I have been curious enough to visit lots of islands and learn about the growing natural hair industry in the Caribbean and am only too happy to share.

My blog will also feature lots of health related information, books I read and any other interesting tips I can throw in the mix.

Welcome and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Curlies!”

  1. It’s sooo great to find this blog! I LUV finding Caribbean bloggers online =) Can’t wait to sit and really go through everything you have on here, and I’m going to paste this on my facebook page too!

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