Sunscreen oils for hair

Do you protect your skin from the sun by keeping it moisturized and using a sunscreen? Then it is just as important that you protect the strands of hair that you have taken care to grow and keep healthy. I am in the sun on a daily basis and do not always use my umbrella or a hat for that matter. So how exactly do I ensure my hair is not being damaged by the rays of the sun? My special batch of SPF oils does the trick.

First off here is a list of oils that have SPF properties:


Sesame Oil: 4

Macadamia Oil: 6

Hemp Seed oil: 6

Jojoba Oil: 4

Avocado Oil: 4

Coconut Oil: 2

Grape Seed Oil: 4

I mix together a batch of at least 5 of these oils and use to seal AFTER I have moisturized my hair properly. This is very important since you do not want to put oil on dry hair that has not been moisturized.

These oils have very low SPF properties on their own but when mixed can serve the purpose of blocking out some of the UV rays of the sun.

When purchasing sesame oil ensure it is not the grade used for cooking. This grade of oil is highly scented.


6 thoughts on “Sunscreen oils for hair”

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  2. I’ve had hemp seed oil at home for the longest time, never knew it could be used as a sunscreen! I was getting really worried about UV rays on my hair especially with summer right now. Thanks for this post, it’s been really helpful.

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