Cute hair, shabby nails?

Hey yall! Hope the weekend is as great for you as it is for me. I have decided to use weekends to blog about non-related hair topics and today we talk nails. When I first started my healthy hair journey I was puzzled as to why my hair flourished and my nails seemed to be in agony. Were my nails receiving some sort of alternate nutrition or lack of? Not necessarily. Your nail, like your hair needs some TLC in order to reach its full potential. It’s nice to put your energy into your newly found tresses but its also important to remember to be eye candy from head to toe. Another plus to having healthy nails is that you can run your fingers through your hair at anytime and not be afraid of a broken nail tearing those hair strands away. Finger detangling would also be easier 🙂


Tips on Caring for your nails:

1. If you notice a split or broken nail, please don’t use your teeth to try and even it up. Use a clipper, cut away the broken part and gently file to achieve smoothness.

2. Always apply a coat of natural nail polish before applying bright colors which can stain the nail.

3. Moisturize your cuticles and the portion of skin beneath your nails

4. Use gloves when doing housework (washing dishes etc)

5. Use a nail building formula to help strengthen nails. I use Formula 10 Gold Organic Oil

6. Don’t use your nails as a tool

7. Give your nails a break from the constant nail polish application

8. Use a gentle nail polish remover that does not contain formaldehyde or toluene (I love my Kleancolor wizard pads which are vanilla scented!)

9. If nails are brittle apply a hand cream to nails and cuticles

10. If nails are soft consider using a nail hardener with protective properties



Nails grow at an average of 1/12 of an inch every month. So grow some patience! Like your hair it will grow if its healthy.

Like your skin and hair, nails can dry out and become infected.

Lack of Vitamins A ,D  and calcium can cause dryness and brittle nails (fish-liver oils are a great source for these vitamins).

Splitting nails can be a lack of linoleic acid (essential fatty acids: gained from flax seed, leafy vegetables, canola oil, nuts).

Hangnails can result from Folic acid, protein and Vitamin C deficiency.


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