Before I begin sharing the knowledge I have acquired about SILICONES, let me say that this is my opinion. It’s always wise to do additional research to understand what works for you.

Ever since I became natural, I have been reading and hearing about products that are bad for your hair as opposed to those that work miracles. However, I am the kind of person who likes to do the research for herself.

So let’s talk about the natural hair enemy “silicone”

Silicones are:

1. Synthetic compounds
2. Heat resistant
3. Resistant to uv light (sunlight)
4. Strengthening
THEY ALSO: Lessen frizz, add shine and glossiness.

So let’s get to the point. Silicones like any other product can cause build up if used continually without washing out. Because of all the above benefits, whenever my hair needs something specific (shine, heat protection etc) I would definitely use a silicone based product.
I would suggest however, that after using such products ensure that you thoroughly wash out. When choosing a shampoo, choose one that is silicone free so you don’t defeat the whole clarifying process. Some conditioners do contain silicones as it gives a good slip and allows for better detangling. There are conditioners that are great for detangling that do not contain silicones.In conclusion, in my opinion, it is okay to use silicone based products when you want to target a specific hair need. Whenever used, clarify with a good shampoo (or a more natural product: apple cider vinegar) and then use a good conditioner.
I use a silicone based product when: 
I flat iron my hair and when I do micro twists that I want to last for at least 3 weeks. It decreases frizziness.

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