Dimethicone and SLS

Do you need to use a sulfate shampoo to cleanse dimethicone?


In one of my previous posts, I mentioned the Beautiful Textures Curl Pudding, which contains dimethicone. I rarely ever use cones and as a result I have only been using sulfate free shampoos since sulfates dry my scalp out and I have a low sebum production. Because dimethicone was listed towards the bottom of the product list I decided to try the product. However, I was asked today by one of my twitter pals if I needed to cleanse my hair with a sulfate after using this product. My answer to this is no. It is important to note that dimethicone or polydimethysiloxane is NOT water soluble and will not be cleansed with water only. It coats the hair and MUST be removed with a surfactant or naturally clarifying substance. Most of the sulfate free shampoos I use either contain Cocamidopropyl betaine (a secondary surfactant, mild cleanser) or trideceth-7 carboxylic acid and do the job of cleansing my hair from build ups. All these big words are simply mild surfactants that cleanse the hair without stripping it 😀

However, I also clarify at least twice a month with ACV and lemon rinses to prevent any build up my shampoo might have missed. feel free to include this natural method of clarifying into your hair regimen.

Any PEG- cone like PEG-15 Dimethicone and Dimethicone Copolyol are water soluble.

Hope this helps!


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