Curly Like Me Giveaway: CLOSED

Hi Guys! So it’s almost my 2 year natural hair anniversary (yay me) but it is also the month I experienced horrible heat damage last year and did a semi-BC 😦

I had no idea what heat damage was and wanted to see my hair straight. So I got up and went to a hair salon where they knew absolutely nothing about natural hair (but said they did) and got my hair pressed out. Well to make a long story short I ended up with heat damage that no deep conditioning could fix. I cut off 2 inches of hair on different sections of my head despite the fact I only had around 5 inches at that time. It was a horrible experience. However, one of my pals sent me Teri La Flesh’s Curly Like Me book which I must say was my first natural hair book experience. Even though I didn’t agree with or follow everything in her book, it opened my eyes to a new and improved healthy hair regimen.


I would like to celebrate a year of damage free curls by giving away a copy of Curly Like Me. To enter this give away all you have to do is subscribe to the blog, like the FB page and leave a comment under the post so I can choose some winners. Give away closes on Friday at 6 p.m. More than one winner will be chosen.



5 thoughts on “Curly Like Me Giveaway: CLOSED”

  1. What a fab thing to do on your anniversary. I know what you mean about reading the natural hair books and enjoying them, but not agreeing with everything. The good thing is there is always something to take away from it that could be beneficial. Happy Natural Hair Anniversary! 🙂

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