Protein or Moisture

Today after detangling and preparing to style my hair, I realized that it didn’t quite feel like itself. As my fingers glided through my curls felt extra soft and way too stretchy. Something was definitely wrong. Was my hair suffering from lack of moisture or protein?

First off let me just say that unless you have naturally porous hair or your hair is chemically altered in some way it is quite easy to rule out your hair as being protein deficient. But if your hair falls in one of the above categories then it is worth considering. My hair has been dyed and bleached. One of my mistakes when I first went natural 😦

So how can you tell the difference?

Moisture deprived hair will not be as bouncy as it usual is. It will be hard and you will probably find yourself having to re-moisturize your hair several times during the day.

Protein deprived hair on the other hand will show signs of being too stretchy and have a mushy feeling to it.

How to correct either problem?

Basically after you have decided which one it is, you will need to check your products and categorize them according to moisturizing and/or protein rich.

For hair that needs more moisture, a weekly deep condition along with a product that contains water as the first ingredient should help to correct the problem. It is also important to seal with an oil like coconut oil as constant sun exposure might be the culprit. Check you dew points and ensure you are using anti-humectants if the dew points are not optimal.

Hair that needs protein can be corrected by using products that contain panthenol, wheat protein, keratin, collagen etc. These can be found in shampoos, conditioners and even gels.

What did I do?

I burst out my bottle of Curl Junkie Curl Queen Styling gel (protein gel) from my stash and styled my hair since it contains panthenol and wheat protein. I plan on using this gel for the next two weeks before switching back to my KCCC.

I have become so addicted to the KCCC that I forgot my hair is color treated and will need regular treatments with protein. It is important that you switch up your routine every 2 weeks or so if it has been chemically altered and porous. Deep conditioning one week and protein treating the other. Maintaining a good protein-moisture relationship is key to loving and growing your hair in a healthy way 😀

This weekend I plan on whipping up some eggs, yogurt & mayo and giving my hair a special protein treat. Stay tuned!

Hair styled with CJ Curl Queen


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