Embrace the frizzies

While many blogs and websites have been pouring with information on how to combat frizzy hair in humid weather, my hair has been quite adamant on what it wants to do. And guess what? it wants to be frizzy no matter what. So instead of searching for ways to combat frizz I have recently started my search for hairstyles that allows for a banging hairstyle with the frizz action still going on. I have included some images I’ve found that complements some of these hairstyles I felt I could rock at some point or the other. Enjoy!

1. Basket Weave: A bun by itself is a great protective style idea but can get a little boring sometimes. I came across a style called the basket weave that I plan on trying soon. It includes mixing and matching your scarves of different colors and wrapping it around your bun to create a playful and colorful hair ensemble. Use your favorite gel/pomade to slick down your edges (this is the only part of your hair that you need worry about).


2. Wild and free: It is nice to always want to define your curls but sometimes it is also good to just let it be. A simple frizzy wash and go is as carefree as you can get.


3. Twists: Bring out the kid in you and do some medium size twists. Pin the sides or add color ribbons for a more fun look.


4. If you don’t mind extensions add some kinky curly braids and accessorize to mix things up.


5. Half hidden styles: Do some medium size twists or a wash& go and rock a hat or a beanie. Remember to line your hat with a silk scarf if the hat’s interior is rough. Don’t want to stress those curls now do we.


6. You can also add hair accessories like a feather to take the attention off those frizzles.



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