Pre-Poo Oils

I have been adding oils to my hair before shampooing as it helps prevent *hygral fatigue and protein loss. Thus, it penetrates the hair shaft and prevents too much water being absorbed into the hair during the wash process.

Other reasons to pre-poo: If you are using harsh cleansers, prevents essential oils from being completely stripped from hair, helps minimize tangles.

1. Coconut Oil
2. Castor Oil
3. Olive Oil
4.Avocado OIl

These Oils are excellent for this purpose as they all penetrate the hair shaft. They can also be used in any deep conditioning mix as a result by simply adding some honey.

*Hygral fatigue is basically the damage caused to your hair shaft by the constant wetting and drying of your hair. To understand this think about blow drying soaking wet hair (heat being used to rapidly dry hair). Your hair cuticles are constantly opened and closed and over time becomes stressed and hence damaged.

If you haven’t added a pre-poo to your routine as yet be sure to do some research and consider it. You won’t regret it I promise!


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