Oils for Sealing

Why do I seal?

 1. When the ends of your hair are constantly being rubbed against clothing/fabric it tends to break off after a while. If your ends are protected with an oil then there is left friction between your strands and clothing. It is therefore a good idea to seal if your hair is long enough to touch your shoulders.

2. I seal the full length of my hair because it is high porosity and loses moisture just as fast as it absorbs it.

3. When I use a product that is high in glycerin or other humectants and the dew point is not optimal.

How do I choose an oil for sealing moisture into my hair?

Firstly, if you don’t have a problem using mineral oil/petroleum then sealing with a grease that is high in mineral oil might be your first choice since it coats the hair strands and can seal in moisture for long periods. If, you’re like me and run from the very sight of anything that will need a sulfate shampoo to remove it then an oil like aloe vera oil might be your first choice.

I usually choose an oil for sealing depending on:

1. The weather conditions. If the sun is in all it’s glory then I seal with an oil that is known for its sunscreen properties.

2. If I’m looking for a light protein fix, I usually use wheat germ oil.

3. Other days I rotate between jojoba, sweet almond or aloe vera oil depending on what I have in stock at the time.

4. Another good way to decide on an oil for sealing  is to consider whether or not you have thick, medium or fine hair. If your hair is fine and looks stringy with oils then sticking to something like jojoba or aloe vera oil is ideal. Jojoba oil is  very light and has properties similar to the sebum found on our scalp.

Butters I use to seal:

1. Shea Butter (heavy butter and might not be a good choice if you have fine hair)

2. Cupuacu Butter (protects against UVA/UVB rays)

3. When I want to switch things up a bit, I use my Donna Marie Hair pomade  on my ends. The smell is awesome 🙂


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