Natural Hair Apps For The Tech Savvy

Happy Friday everyone! Today while on weather bug, a friend of mine asked me if I had some sort of addiction to the weather or not. Thing is I do, just not the way he thought lol. I have been using the weather bug app for a while now in order to determine the dew points. This helps me to decide whether or not I use a product with humectants such as glycerin. There are so many other hair apps available that you might not be aware of. I have listed below a few that I use and have found helpful. Have a wonderful weekend!

1. Weather Bug App: Works for all countries/Islands ( some features might not be available however). Displays dew points, humidity, UV alerts, temperatures and lots more.


2. Curls On the Go: Gives you a frizz forecast and product recommendations.


3. Curl Talk: This is basically NaturallyCurly’s social network on the go.

4. I Love Your Hair By House of Mikko: Shows a variety of hairstyles if you are looking for insiration or just a change in style.


5.Hair Color by ModiFace: I used this once when I wanted to dye my hair in a weird color. It allows you to upload a picture, select your hair length and color you thinking of and voila you get to see what you look like with purple hair! (yea I get dramatic at times, I should mention I never did get purple though :D)


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