Island Feature: Hadiya from Trinidad

  • How long have you been natural?

 That one’s a bit complicated lol I have been natural most of my life. Sadly however, an unfortunate incident at a misguided hair dresser left me with a texturizer & severe heat damage when all I wanted was a press & trim in 2010, so I had to start from scratch. I did my BC in August of 2011 and have become more conscious of my hair.


  • Why did you decide to go natural?

Apart from the whole “long-silky-haired-princes” thing that most little girls go through (which I quickly out grew) the whole straight hair thing just wasn’t for me.

  • Do you find it difficult to acquire products your hair likes where you live?

No I don’t for several reasons. Firstly I pride myself on being a kitchen head, most of the things that go on my hair can go in my body (water, egg, mayo, olive oil) or on my skin (tea tree oil,  aloes ). Secondly I don’t really fuss over the prospects of “holy grail products” so there are no disappointments to be had. Finally, for those lazy days when i don’t want to mix anything, there is a hair supply store at almost every major junction.

  • What are some of the products your hair likes?

My hair flourishes in coconut oil (no matter how my nose protests lol) and, even though most people head for the hills at the sight of it, petroleum products for sealing.

  • Do you find your natural hair more difficult to take care of than your relaxed hair?

For me the straight hair was so much harder, especially how little versatility it allowed.

  • Is taking care of your natural hair expensive?

For a kitchen head like myself, no it isn’t.

  • What’s the best/worst thing about your hair?
The best thing is how versatile it is as I get bored easily. My hair goes from long to short and curly to straight at will.
The worst thing is how reluctant it is to lay down to gels, but I’ve learnt to embrace and work around it.
  • Did your lifestyle change once you decided to go natural?

Yes some changes have been made to my lifestyle for the better. Since my BC  I discovered YouTube and blogs showing what my hair could be with the proper tools. I have learnt how better eating and general nutritional habits can affect my hair and body. My water intake was the biggest change.

  • Any tips/words of encouragement for other Caribbean naturals?

I would say don’t get discouraged, stay vigilant with your regimen, pay attention to what your hair needs and most of all have fun with it.





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