Product Review:Africa’s Best Organics Olive Oil Styling Gel




For those of you who haven’t quite noticed as yet, I like to try products that are easy on the pockets from time to time. I do however have my staples that are a bit more expensive. Today I will review the Organics Olive Oil Styling Gel, which comes in a 15oz tub and smells like shampoo.

The ingredients aren’t all natural but not too bad either. It does not contain glycerin which is a big plus for me. I like to give my hair mini boosts of protein, which is why I like this product. It contains 2 kinds of protein listed towards the end of the ingredient list, so not to worry its not incorporated in large amounts.

Hydrolyzed Soybean Protein which is water soluble and derived from soy. It helps to mend the hair while allowing the hair to hold moisture.

Hydrolyzed Oat Protein is known for the slip, conditioning and moisturizing properties. This protein also has humectant properties but since it is listed so low on the list, it didn’t really affect my hair.


  • You get 15ozs for $3.00
  • Smells great
  • Has good slip when being applied
  • Leaves hair shiny
  • Doesn’t cause massive shrinkage (my hair did shrink some though)


  • After dry it has an obvious gel cast. As a result you need to “scrunch out the crunch”
  • You need to apply a leave in under or hair will be dry

I prefer to you this over the Herbal Essences Set Me Up Gel since it is a better deal. Also I have noticed flaking with the Herbal Essences gel when I refresh my hair the second day. This is a big turn off for me, I absolutely hate flaking 😦

UPDATE: After using this gel for over a week, my hair began to feel straw like and crunchy. I’ve narrowed it down to the protein of course, so if you’re protein sensitive, I suggest you rotate the use of this product. I have decided to only use this gel whenever my hair needs a protein boost and not for regular styling.


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