QOTD: As a woman with textured hair do I have to go natural to have healthy hair?

    • IMO, I would say no. Taking care of textured hair, whether relaxed or natural requires devotion, research, care and an understanding and love for what you’re working with. Over the years information has been available mostly for the care of naturally straight hair and those with curly strands/kinks never quite understood how to properly care for their hair. I think its a misconception that women who relax their hair can care for it the way a woman with naturally straight hair would. Despite the chemical alteration, your hair still needs to be properly moisturized (it is still going to be drier than other textures) and handled with care to mention a few.

      Imagine, if at an early age, we were properly educated. Then having healthy, long textured hair would not be as impossible as it is made to be in today’s society.This however, is far from the truth. And as we begin to educate ourselves on how to properly  care for our hair, I think it would become less of a burden and more of a norm.
      It is my dream to meet women who would look back and wonder why is it that women with textured hair “used” to have such struggles. I remember, even when my hair was relaxed it wasn’t healthy and I thought if I went natural that would be the answer. Was it? Not in the least. See the thing is I had absolutely NO IDEA how to deal with MY hair. When I first went natural in 2010, I wasn’t familiar with the blogs/vlogs and did no research to aid me in my journey. My hair suffered, it was always dry and a pain to detangle. Thing is by some miracle, I was introduced to all the wonderful bloggers/vloggers and began educating myself. I was basically natural for an entire year before I learnt or began to learn how to achieve a head full of healthy tresses.
      All this to say that having natural hair does not mean healthy, long hair. Having the knowledge and applying it is the key to healthy hair. So if you have relaxed hair and don’t necessarily want to go natural then give yourself a trim , do some research and most importantly begin caring for your hair.Care for your hair inside out and as you begin such a journey, you will probably begin to realize that getting a relaxer isn’t the healthiest option.It’s all about what works for you and above all what makes you happy. So I would suggest that you focus on being healthy, educating yourself and applying that knowledge, there is no going wrong with such a decision.


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