Stress And Your Hair: What’s eating you?

Everyone’s hair journey is different and while not everyone wants long, waist length hair, healthy hair is something most of us seek. But how do we ensure our hair is healthy at all times, in every season and period of our life? Is it even possible? I was thinking about this a lot ever since my hair began a horrible cycle of shedding and I’ve come to a quiet understanding as to why it is so important that we don’t punish ourselves over not reaching certain goals like another naturalista who we admire.

I have not been able to retain as much length as I would have liked these past few months and have chalked it up to a bout of stress I experienced a few months prior to the shedding. Basically what happens in time of emotional/physical stress or even a lifestyle/dietary change in your life is the forcing of your hair into the resting or telogen phase. After a few months, you begin to see the shed hair (more than usual). During a stressful event your body will think about your hair last. While in survival mode, hair growth is not a top priority. Considering stressful situations cannot be controlled, I have decided to make a special effort to control how I handle such situations. The good thing is, once the situation is addressed your hair cycle will return to normal.

Because it is not always easy to identify the cause of shedding, an easy way is to  think about the events that might have happened about 3 0r even 6 months before. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something emotional or physical. Maybe you had a lifestyle change,started a new diet, contraceptive or  your estrogen levels dropped simply because of childbirth. It could be anything that shocked your body, the most important thing is identifying the problem and resolving it if you can 😀

Below are a few ways I have decided to “trick” my body into leaving my hair to its own business:

  • Exercise- releases endorphins, puts you in a better mood and allows for better rest and relaxation since you will be tired after a good work out session.
  • Juicing- good way of getting in important nutrients if you’re not eating a healthy and balanced meal.
  • Preparing healthy snacks so I don’t “stress eat”- If you’re like me whenever you’re stressed it is easy for you to grab a candy bar or grab some fries and burgers from the drive through. Having healthy snacks around will keep such habits at bay.
  • Scalp massages- rosemary oil, basil oil, hot oil treatments all help to stimulate growth.
  • Protective Styling- I usually wrap my hair in a bun or do some chunky twists when I know I won’t have time to show my hair the TLC it needs.

  • Take a moment to breathe- Whether its religion,a spiritual connection with a higher power, or just reflection on all the good things in your life, do it! Take a moment to reflect and be thankful.

There are many ways to keep your hair healthy amidst all that is going on in your life. These are just a few things I have incorporated into my routine. I will also be doing a hair challenge to help with my shedding, which still needs some tweaking. I will be sharing as soon as I have a definite plan.

Have a great and stress free day!


2 thoughts on “Stress And Your Hair: What’s eating you?”

  1. Thanks for this. I hear ya! Trying to keep stress down to a minimum. Yoga’s good..but sometimes you just can’t help it. Trying to be healthy but sometimes a choccie bar’s just too tempting!! Hope your hair ‘relaxes’ soon 🙂

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