How do you choose your products? The Battle of ingredients, company and review.

A friend of mine told me today that her favorite company recently started a new line of products and she was on her way to buy them. When I asked her why she wanted to get all the new products, she shrugged and said simply ” because I love their stuff and don’t want to be out the loop on anything they make”. Well this really sent a lot of thoughts coursing through my head. Which led me to further questions.
What about ingredients, smell, packaging, etc. According to her she trusts the company and doesn’t mind investing even if in the end she ends up hating the product.
How do you chose the products you purchase? Do we Unconsciously favor products from our favorite companies?
Personally, I am all about ingredients. I do have my own favorite companies but I definitely don’t love everything they make. As a matter of fact, if you run through my staples list, there is a list of products from many companies. Some of these products are cheap while some are quite expensive. The point is however, the reason they have made it to my staples list is simply because my hair loves whatever is in there.
However, there have been moments I would try a new product from a company I like (just because lol) but don’t get it twisted , I always check the ingredients. And trust me, if there is something listed that I know would potentially jack my hair up, I am not getting it.
As a blogger, I try a lot of new products and post reviews to help others that are interested but prefer an opinion before going out and buying something they’ve never tried. I also love reviews but essentially, a good or bad review is not the final determining factor that leads me to purchase or not purchase a product. In my opinion, reviews are awesome but not because it gets a good review means you have to automatically go out and buy them all. Take a breather, assess and if it something (with ingredients your hair likes) you really want to try, then go ahead and get it.
Everyone is different and by no means am I judging. If that’s a perk you enjoy, then do your thing. But is it just me? Am I somehow not as adventurous as most? I would love to know your take on this.
Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend 🙂


4 thoughts on “How do you choose your products? The Battle of ingredients, company and review.”

  1. Thanks for this blog, I agree 100%! I spend ages in the store checking the ingredients of all my products. The guy who owns the shop gets really agitated but I’d rather know what I’m using on my hair than simply go for the product with the nicest bottle or just because it’s promising the earth!

  2. Since I’ve been natural, I’ve been much more in tune with the ingredients in a product. I pretty much know what I’m looking for and how it will affect my hair. That’s not to say that I won’t make a decision because of a fellow blogger or YouTuber I trust. And sometimes I’ll buy products (especially those made by smaller companies) just to support a retailer or manufacturer.

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