Natural Hair Feature: Two years worth of growth

Hey guys, besides being extremely busy with next to no time to post on my blog, I am celebrating my 2 year natural hair anniversary this month. Before I post about my journey, I have a few gorgeous ladies who are also celebrating their 2 year hair anniversary this year. Today, I am pleased to introduce you guys to Deidre Callam. Below she gives us a brief look into her hair journey. Feel free to check out her blog and Facebook page. Until next time, have an awesome day 😀

After a short and unsuccessful relapse to the creamy crack, I decided to go back to being true to what my blog ( is all about – staying strong against all odds and keeping my natural hair kinky. I change like a chameleon so I wear my hair almost any style depending on my mood. I’ve coloured my hair twice and even had locs in the past two years. It makes my journey more fun and allows me to exploit my very active creative mind. Hopefully, I can continue to keep it kinky on my blog and encourage natural-haired women with my newly published KiK Magazine for black women. It’s time for a new quality free e-magazine that reinforces and celebrates true African beauty – inside and out. 
– Diedre Callam

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