Bella’s Journey: 2 years of Growth and still Growing

Hi ladies,

I’m Bella, some of you might know me better as Bellanatural01 on YouTube or from my new blog

I decided to go natural because I was going through a transition period in my life. I was letting go of an old flame, starting a new job and embarking on a journey to become the woman I’ve always wanted to be. Doing the BIG CHOP was one of the most freeing and terrifying experiences I’ve ever gone through; I’ve yet to regret it.

What I like the most about my hair is the way my “ringlets” spring back when I tug on them.  3 years and 2 big chops later, I still giggle every time they do that.

One of the main things I do to make my hair more me, is fluffing it out and shaping it. I like when my hair is big and voluminous. I think it gives my hair that extra humph that catches your eye when I walk into a room.

Anything else interesting you would like to share?

Yes, the biggest natural hair lie I’ve ever heard!!!

The biggest lie I’ve ever heard about natural hair is, that it doesn’t move.  Anyone that knows me personally or that has seen any of my YouTube videos can testify to that. You’d be hard press to find one of my YouTube videos that doesn’t feature me whipping my hair back and forth and enjoying it. Natural hair is sexy, versatile and most importantly FUN.

Enjoy your hair and your journey,

❤ Bella





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