BaByliss Pro Argan Oil Curl Creme Review

I’ve seen the BaByliss Pro Argan Oil line being sold for some time  but because of the ingredients I was never really excited to try any of the products. I don’t think the price is worth the quality of the product. However, I was given a sample of the Curl Creme today and decided to give it a go. Hey it was free! I must say though I will not be purchasing this product or trying any of the other products from the line. You will see why from my review below.


The ingredients are not too stellar and argan oil is listed as the 6th ingredient (Argan oil curl creme? hmm). It does have mineral oil and dimethicone, so if you are not one to properly cleanse your hair, this product is not for you.

Whenever I use a product for the first time, the one thing that  can make or break my opinion about that product is the scent. Although the smell of this curl creme does not linger, it has a very high, “perfumy” smell that I didn’t like.

The consistency is that of a light lotion, not too heavy nor light.



It did define my curls but left my hair white and dull looking. So did it do what it said it was suppose to do? No, not in my opinion. My hair had no crunch however, and that was a plus.





Notice how it left a white residue on my hair, which took a while to disappear, even after I tried raking and smoothing more than usual.

The sample bottle was cute though, it came with a pump, and I absolutely love pumps. The larger bottle also has a pump which makes for easier application.


The ten ounce bottle is priced around $14

I didn’t like this product and won’t use it again. My hair had a very soft hold and coated feel to it. It basically looked like I did a conditioner only wash and go.

Well that’s about it. Have you ever tried anything from this line? What are your thoughts?

Until next time have a great weekend  😀


3 thoughts on “BaByliss Pro Argan Oil Curl Creme Review”

  1. Just stumbled on this as I had a sample bunged in with some of my no cone products purchased online. I’d never purchase this myself (seriously, I buy pure argan oil for double the price, but it lasts an aeon as I add a couple of drops to my Dr Bronner’s, Too Shea! or whatever I’m using as a leave in) but, as I always have a low sulphate poo around for the infrequent uses of products with silicones, I thought I’d try it out.

    Your evaluation of this stuff took the words right out of my mouth. Aside from the irritating perfume (if I want to perfume my hair, I’ll put a couple of drops of my own favourite essential oil into my jojoba oil or whatever I’m using to moisturise, thank you very much!), I was really stumped over what had left the white streaks in my hair. Hey, I’ve got grey hair which I spend a lot of time and money dying to hide it. My initial reaction was shock as, for a split second, I thought that it’d stripped the colour! Then I thought the sample may have been old or tainted. Glad to have found your blog to confirm that it’s something in the formula.

    It’s unbelievable how much cosmetic companies get away with false advertising! This is just cheap silicones, silicones and more cheap silicones with a couple of drops of argan oil & they’re charging like wounded bulls because it’s one of those supposedly newly rediscovered ancient ‘miracle’ oils as rare and more expensive than gold!

    I don’t know whose ‘curls’ this would be suited to. I’m a 3b/3c with the finer hair that develops with age (basically, grey hair is much thinner than the course curlies of youth). The 3c is predominantly from the crown of my head extending out to a circle from the top of my ears down to the nape of my neck. This stuff was worse than just a normal condition & natural dry. My hair length is nearly down to my waist, but it looked as if I’d had a thick layer cut underneath just brushing my shoulders. When I style it properly, it sits around the top of my shoulder blades. Conclusion: Whoa! Way to look as if you have two bad haircuts in one!

    I’ve had to attack the whole mop (underneath in particular) with some heavy duty leave in conditioners packed with extra argan, jojoba & some castor oil for weight to pull the curls down!

    Absolutely no holding or styling value. In fact, it’s just fallen into the natural part in the middle of my head (which I haven’t seen this prominently for years). My hair’s just trying to do an idiotic pyramid from the top with a highly visible short layer underneath to ensure a triangle from every angle value.

    Well, the best I can say for it is that it has kind of controlled the frizz and defined the curls… but that’s possibly because my hair hasn’t been exposed to these levels of silicones for a long, long time.

    This is muck for curly hair. It may be good for those with wavy hair who want to enhance their waves & get a little curl out of them. In other words, this should be called wave to curl cream or weird, shapeless sproing cream with no style.

    PS Love your hair!

      1. True, some people have been using silicones for years and swear by ’em. One woman’s meaty ‘beauty’ regime may be another woman’s poison.

        You’re welcome for the statement of fact… You can interpret it as a compliment, but I just speak my mind. You look gorgeous, full stop.

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