Firstly if you like books like I do, the whole aesthetics of the actually book intrigues you. So before going into the details let’s start at the beginning. We’re going to pretend we just walked into the bookstore or logged into Amazon to view the book. Although I love kindle e-books, nothing beats the smell of the pages in a new book or an old one for the matter. I love the feel on my fingers, the combination of such puts me in a really good place. But let’s move on.


Appearance: As you take a look at the book is it appealing, do the colors make you interested enough to flip through the pages? What about the name of the book? Does it give you a good enough idea of what you will be reading? When it came to The Science of Black Hair I was really intrigued by the cover. The diagrams and pictures were a plus that told me although there was going to be a lot of scientific information, getting bored at chapter 2 wasn’t going to happen.

Content: While flipping through the book are there pictures (yes I said it), is the font easily read? It is important that the book appears to be a comfortable read. The Science of Black Hair proved to have the information brilliantly organized, concise and easily understood by the average person. After you have determined the book’s readability, and have decided to buy it, well you read it.


With a total of 15 chapters and 258 pages, this book gives detailed information about hair structure, proper scalp care, protein/moisture balance, developing a proper hair care regimen, choosing the right products for your hair characteristics and the whole health/hair connection. I was especially intrigued by the protein/moisture chapter. If you have hair that is chemically altered in some way this chapter proves to be extremely useful. It is also great that she mentioned the benefits of healthy eating and growing a headful of healthy hair. Many people neglect this aspect and expect to have a healthy scalp and in extension healthy hair. It doesn’t work this way however and as a result you need to take care of your health as a whole to reap the benefits.


I was able to fully understand the importance of having a healthy scalp and understanding when my hair needed protein or when it lacked moisture. It’s all about balance and understanding YOUR hair. The author definitely did a good job in explaining this.


You don’t have to be natural or relaxed to buy this book, as long as you have hair on your head and you’re interested in keeping it healthy then go ahead and get it. The Science of Black Hair targets a large audience and is extremely good at describing the characteristics of black hair which has been a problem for people with afro-textured hair for many generations. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would encourage anyone considering this book to go ahead and purchase it.


I usually take notes and highlight info that I really like. Here are a few.

“Growing black hair takes time, dedication, and patience above all else”

“When the scalp’s natural flaking process is disrupted and the moisture content of the scalp skin drops below roughly 10 percent, dandruff and other scaly scalp-irritation issues arise”

“our hair grows slightly slower than that of other races”

“coconut as a pre-shampoo treatment can protect the fiber against hygral fatigue”

“Always pay close attention to what your hair is telling you”

Davis-Sivasothy, Audrey (2011-04-11). The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care . Saja Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.

I was not paid to do this review. I love books and doing this review is merely a platform to share my ideas. 



    1. I haven’t read this book so I won’t be able to say whether it’s a good read or not. what I can tell you is that most of the books I have read that are hair related contain similar info. So if you have read a few, it will probably only be slightly different. If you do however prefer to have a collection of such for reference, then go ahead 🙂

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