Curly Girl The Handbook

Before I begin my review, I would like to say that I do NOT follow all the rules of the CG method. I read the book and actually liked it, mainly because of the author’s humor and down to earth nature that shows in her writing. I also liked the fact that Lorraine Massey couldn’t stress enough how important and beneficial it is to “learn and love your curls”.

Straighten your hair, and you might be happy for a day. Learn to love and care for your curls, and you’ll be happy for life!

Massey, Lorraine; Michele Bender (2011-01-13). Curly Girl – Enhanced Ebook Edition: The Handbook . Workman Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.

After my above statement, you might be wondering what it is that I don’t follow when it comes to the CG method and why. Well for starters, I shampoo. I do steer clear from sulfates but still use surfactants to cleanse my hair, which brings me to another CG rule that I don’t follow. I use silicones, even the water insoluble rejects like dimethicone. But this is what works for me and I’m happy with my routine.

With this being said, I don’t use a comb anymore when detangling (not because I think a comb is a curly girl’s enemy but because my hair can do without it), I use tons of conditioner and yes I rake smooth and scrunch. So there are some things I actually do follow when it comes to the CG method 😀

The book comes with a CD or if you purchase it online for your kindle, it comes with step-by-step videos embedded. I think this is a plus, as it leaves little room for misinterpretation when explaining how to cleanse, trim, style etc. If you enjoy reading books with lots of pictures then you will truly enjoy this read. The author depicts the different types of curls, waves and hairstyles with a variety of cute and colorful pictures.

If you’re worried about your hair type or texture not being mentioned, I can assure Lorraine Massey covers it. From loose curls to corkscrews or tightly curled hair, she has a chapter with testimonials, regimen and Q&A for all. If you trim your hair frequently(at home) there’s a chapter for that also.

My favorite chapter happened to be the one that discussed homemade products and recipes. You know how much I love mixing stuff up in my kitchen 🙂 And of course the names of the recipes are hilarious, well for me that is. My friend who also read the book finds it immature and corny but being me, I loved it!

Other chapters included curl confessions from women suffering with cancer, which was rather insightful and reminded me to be thankful for a head of healthy hair, even if it isn’t at the length I would like it to be presently. There is also a chapter for men and children.

Again, if you already have a lot of natural hair books, you might want to skip on this one. However, considering the CD that comes with it, you might find it fun to add to your collection of books. Some people like reading, while some prefer the ease of watching a video and understanding exactly what a process involves.

Do you follow the CG method? Or are you a modified CG like myself? Feel free to share and until next time, have an awesome evening!


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