If You Love It, It Will Grow

A Guide to Growing Long Afro-Textured Hair as the name of the book clearly states is exactly what it says with an added testimonial and information for the newly natural. I must admit that the real reason I decided to pick this book up was because the author is a medical doctor. Yes, I’m a sucker for anything scientific and medical. But as I began reading the book I realized that it it was much more than science and medicine as I will discuss below.

The cover of the book displays a picture of the author with her long, healthy twists cascading down her shoulders. Well if that isn’t reason enough to consider reading this book then let’s continue…

A twenty chapter book, Dr.Austin begins with her own hair story. I actually enjoyed her rants, frustrations and finally the bliss she experienced from rocking her natural hair as it was motivating and something I could relate to.

There is a lot of information on the basics of hair growth, maintaining a healthy scalp and the anatomy of hair etc. This I actually skimmed through since I have already gotten a bit of this from most of the other natural hair books out there.


1. The Ayurveda chapter was quite interesting, as it encourages many alternatives to  many commercial products on the market. Ayurveda, as she explains is the “complete knowledge for long life”, which in my opinion is something everyone should strive for.

2. The mention of how important nutrition is to hair growth. What you put into your body is just as important as what products you put on your hair.

3. “Hair growth can only be accomplished with a healthy scalp”

Austin, Phoenyx (2012-02-02). If You Love It, It Will Grow: A Guide To Growing Long Afro-Textured Hair (Kindle Locations 2570-2571). . Kindle Edition.

This is very true and in her chapter on scalp issues, Dr. Austin discusses how to recognize hair problems and ways to treat  them.

This book holds quite a lot of information for anyone who intends on growing and maintaining healthy, long hair. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would continue to use it as a reference in the future.

Dr. Austin also gives a brief description of her book here http://www.drphoenyx.com/my-book

Have you read this book? what are your thoughts?


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