Blue Magic Organics: Indian Hemp

Hey yal! I have a quick product review this morning that came about because I ran out of coconut oil. Sounds crazy I know but yesterday while prepping my hair for a braid out I realized that my cocnut oil which I use to seal moisture in my hair was running on empty 😦

I have been so busy recently that stocking up on products has not been a priority. Trying to make the best of the situation, I decided to use the dreaded petroleum. I had in my long forgotten stash some Blue Magic Organics and decided to give it a try. I loved it! Now let me say this before I continue, I rarely ever use petroleum on my hair because I don’t like to shampoo and that’s the only reason. Petroleum is not damaging when used on the length of your hair (hair is dead) and unless not being cleansed properly will not pose a problem for you. Unless you are allergic of course.


I plan on re-braiding my hair at nights and will probably wear this style for 3 days, followed by a shampoo and deep condition treatment on Friday.

I won’t however, suggest you use this on your scalp as the directions states, as the petroleum will clog your pores and can hinder hair growth or a healthy scalp in general.

How Did I Use this product?

On wet hair I applied a dollop on the length of my hair and braided in sections. That is all I used, water and the product to seal the moisture in.

Besides the petrolatum and lanolin, there are no other ingredients that is harmful. The Tocopheryl Acetate is a vitamin E acetate which is a common vitamin supplement.Everything else is a herbal/plant extract. Except for propylene glycol which is a common ingredient in most hair care products. especially moisturizers, gels etc.


Remember to cleanse your hair properly to prevent build up while using products with petroleum.

Is petroleum a part of your hair care regimen?






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