Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Review

After I bought the Beautiful Textures Curl Control Pudding and didn’t exactly rave about it, I still decided to try the moisture butter. While the curl pudding didn’t do what it said it was suppose to do, the butter on the other hand gave me exactly the kind of moisture I needed in this heat. I have been using it since Monday and haven’t had to spritz my hair with water during the day like I usually do. I paired it for a wash and go with a new cheapy gel I’ve been playing around with and will review later.

I really like the consistency of this product, it has a nice creamy texture and feels great between your fingers when applying. It mixed well with the gel I used and also with my KCCC (no white residue or flakes). Since I co-wash my hair every 2 days now that the temperature is higher I won’t be able to say if the moisture can be retained for longer but it held strong for the 2 days I had it in.

Of course the scent is the same as the curl pudding and as I mentioned before is one I don’t quite fancy. I also don’t like the fact that there is dimethicone as one of the ingredients but I my sulfate free shampoo does a great job in removing the cone and I have no problem with build up.

Besides that, the product is cheap and a good substitute if you can’t afford a moisturizer with ingredients that are all natural.

I will buy this again to keep on hand when I can’t afford or run out of the more pricey moisturizers I use.

By the way it gives a little styling tip on the jar that I think is cute and a nice idea to spice up the product. They mention mixing and matching the products which I did try but didn’t like the feel I got when I mixed the butter with the curl pudding. My hair felt as if I was doing a strong protein treatment probably because they both contain soybean oil as one of the first few ingredients and as I said before my hair doesn’t respond well to too much protein.

Well that’s all for now folks. Have a great day!


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