Herbal Essences Set Me Up Gel Review

I really like this gel and will definitely buy again. As you will notice from now on most of my gels/stylers do not contain glycerin or if it does it is way down the ingredient list. Yesterday I washed my hair, deep conditioned and applied the Herbal Essences Set Me Up Gel with a hold of 3. Below are the pros and cons based on how it reacted with MY hair and a few pics.


1. Great Smell

2. Elongates curls (not to its maximum length of course)

3. Gave me a nice doodle effect

4. As soon as I applied the product my curls separated. I didn’t have to do much smoothing/raking like I usually do for my WnG’S

5. Medium to soft hold. No scrunching needed.

6. Didn’t take long to air dry. yay!


1. Only contains 6ozs per tube. Not very economical

2. Not quite as moisturizing as I would like. I will be sealing with something more moisturizing the next time I apply it (shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie)

3. Frizzy on day two. Which I don’t mind because it is humid where I live and I have learnt to accept that 😀

Was home today so I figured I would rock a high puff. Have a great day yall!


UPDATE: I have noticed some flaking when I fluff my hair out for second day hair. If I use water to fluff, it’s fine but it doesn’t play well with other products afterwards.


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