Beautiful Textures Curl Control Pudding Review


When I first used this product I read the directions and followed them. Results bleh! It didn’t exactly do what it said it would do for my hair. However, being the optimist I am I tried it my way. I stopped using it alone and added a styler with more hold on top (KCCC). How did this turn out? well let’s just say I have now found a way to use my curl control pudding. I have heard great reviews for this product when used for twist outs and braid outs but since I rarely ever do those, I guess I won’t be able to say.


– moisturizing (has ingredients my hair loves despite the fact it isn’t all natural)

– smells awesome

-does not flake or leave white residue (on clean hair)

-great price for amount per container


– does not provide hold for MY hair

– tangles hair when used alone

Curl Pudding with KCCC on top:






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