VO5 Perfect Hold Styling Gel

It’s been so hot lately that I’ve been co-washing every two days. In addition, the dew points have been in the 70’s and I have been running from anything with humectants. Of course I try to stay away from glycerin but recently even products with honey or aloe vera makes my hair dry. Anyways my hair has been drinking in everything I add to it and finding something with a good hold has been a challenge. I wanted something cheap that I could use a lot of and still get the results I usually get with my KCCC. A friend of mine suggested the V05 Perfect Hold Styling gel and I decided to try it since it has no glycerin.

I paired it with the Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter and got 3 day hair, I did fluff my hair out during this time by spritzing with water but wasn’t necessary since my hair was still moisturized. Unlike the Herbal Essences Set Me Up gel I previously reviewed, this gel did not flake over time.

I also didn’t get the usual gel cast I get whenever I use gels. It dried very soft and crunch free.

What I didn’t like about it though are the ingredients which are not all natural. However, hair is just dead cells and I do not apply the gel to my scalp and will be washed out. The ingredients include  a pH balancer, preservatives, hair fixatives and an emulsifier.

The tube contains 9 ounces and is around $4.00 which makes it quite affordable in my opinion.

I only plan on using this gel when the dew points, humidity and heat gets crazy high since I have to use way more product than usual and it is a cheap buy.

I also think it has a weird consistency, not quite gel like, I would say something between glue and a custard if that makes sense. It doesn’t really have a strong scent either which is fine  since most gels on the cheaper side tend to have smells that are way too strong for me.

By the way I have only tried this on my wash and go’s. I am still using my Blue Eco Styler to slick my edges back.

Until next time I wish you a frizz free hair day 😀


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