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Just Bee You Product Review (Part 2 of 3)

Just Bee You Herbal Hair Spritz is a water based, light moisturising hair spritz. Product description also includes detangling abilities.

Ingredients: Herbal infusion base of purified water, Aloe Vera gel, glycerine, extra virgin olive oil, ploys ornate 20, vitamin E oil, optiphen, peppermint oil and essential oil blend.

Scent: Peppermint

This product does not work as a detangler for me nor does it keep my hair moisturised as long as I would like. Instead of using it alone and in the way intended, I’ve found two ways that suit my liking:

1. With my EVOO and honey mix when I deep condition.

2. As a scalp massage: I like to spritz my scalp with this product as it contains peppermint and does a good job at stimulating and encouraging blood flow.

Price: $8.00 (US)




Just Bee You Product Review (Part 1 of 3)

Before I begin this review, I would  like to say a special hello to all my followers, new and old, and wish you all the best for the season. *waves hello*

Today I would be reviewing one of the Just Bee You hair products that was sent to me free of charge. I was not paid to do this review and the review is based on MY thoughts and opinions about the product. I will be discussing how it reacted with MY HAIR and I’m in no way affiliated with the company.


Just Bee You Beauty Products claims “Quality cosmetics made with natural and safe ingredients…hand-blended in Tobago”.  I received three of the products to review and will be starting out with my favorite of the lot, the Shea and Aloe Hair Souffle.


The Shea and Aloe Hair Souffle moisturizing Hair and scalp cream contains the following ingredients:

Unrefined shea butter, aloe vera gel, vegetable emulsifying wax, herbal infused olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, glyceryl stearate(gentle emulsifier), honey, organic carnauba wax, vitamin E oil, optiphen(paraben free preservative), essential oil blend.


This product claims to:

“provide long-lasting moisture and nourishment for healthy hair and scalp”.


Apply to hair daily before styling(especially to ends). May be used on dry or damp hair. For a healthy scalp, apply throughout entire scalp and gently massage.



$60/$65( Prices are in TT dollars so in US that would be $10.00)


8 oz


  • Keeps hair moisturized for at least 2 days ( I can get 3 days but i would still need to spritz with some water)
  • Has natural ingredients (which my hair likes)
  • Plays well under most of my stylers
  • No white residue (absorbs into my hair clear)
  • Heavy enough for humid, tropical climates
  • $10 for 8 oz is quite affordable



  • Smell (although the product mentions and describes the scent as “yummy”, I do not quite like it. It is somewhere between peppermint and herbs. So if you like the smell of peppermint, you will like this. The smell lingers until hair is dry if applied to wet/damp hair)
  • I don’t usually apply products to my hair but since the product mentioned application to scalp, I decided to give it a go. Epic fail! I got way too much build up for my liking.

In My Opinion:

I  really enjoyed/am enjoying  this product. I love the feel of it (souffle!) and how moisturized it leaves my hair. However, I probably won’t purchase with my own money unless there is a sale. If you are willing to pay the money however, I would suggest you go ahead and get it. It does wonders for moisture. The ingredients are also stellar!


I usually don’t use products with glycerin but I have used and re-used this product and have not noticed any dryness whatsoever.

IMG-20121215-12615 - Copy

I used under my styler and sealed with a light oil.


If you are interested in this product or the company as a whole, you can use the following contact information:

Laci Joseph (founder and head mixtress)


28 beacon avenue, tranquility heights, signal hill, Tobago.