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A brief look into my Natural Hair Journey

When I decided to stop getting a relaxer ( and I say that because at that time I had no idea what “going natural” meant) it was because my hair was breaking something terrible. My hair was double processed, I had a relaxer and my hair was bleached, crazy I know. The ends were stringy and horrible to look at. I was miserable and came to the conclusion that I was just cursed with bad hair.
I decided to braid my hair for a while, which ended up being 6 months of transitioning. Finally, I got up one sepetember morning, showered, washed my hair and cut all my straight ends off. I had about 1 – 2 inches of hair and to be honest, I felt great.
Now for the part where I mustered up enough courage to face my family and attempt to leave the house wearing my hair the shortest it has ever been. I had a tub of gel which I decided to run through my hair and was amazed at how easily I was able to style my hair.
To say the least, wearing my TWA and learning to understand my hair was a trying experience. I am still learning about my hair everyday but can proudly say that I have learnt a lot. I never had healthy hair before and now, my hair is healthy and retaining length.
I did ignorantly do some things to my hair that caused me to do a semi-BC about 1 year into my journey but definietly learnt from my mistake. I bleached my hair and went to a salon to get my hair blown out and flat ironed. Don’t ask about the heat damage. Simply put the hair stylist had no idea what she was doing and literally fried my hair . I still didn’t know about you tube videos, blogs, twitter etc. So I just cut off the ends that wouldn’t curl.
Then while on FB one day, a friend of mine “liked” Natural chica and the angels smiled on me.
I started reading blogs and keeping up with vlogs until I fully understood that I was wearing my hair natural and could take care of it quite easily. Since then, I have learnt a lot and am happy I decided to cut off all my unhealthy ends and start fresh. I am now 2 years natural and in love with my hair.
Below are pictures of my hair relaxed, breaking, my BC and my hair now.